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Wednesday February 17, 2021 we were sent an email from the ELCA with resources and information about 40 days of Giving.

The first link listed is the email we received.  It has a few different links to help you learn what they are looking for and offering.  Please copy and paste in to your internet browser.

The second link is ELCA's main website.  They have a banner on the first page that will take you to more information about Giving.  Please copy and paste in to your internet browser

Giving Opportunities


Pay It Forward


Several years ago, I was in the grocery store checkout line when the young mother in front of me did not have enough money to pay her bill.  As she and the cashier were removing items, I noticed that they were all ingredients for baking Christmas cookies.  I asked, “How much are you short?”


“Five dollars,“ came the red-faced reply.


“Here,” I said, handing her five dollars.  “Merry Christmas, pay it forward.”


“I most certainly will!  Thank you and Merry Christmas.” 


“Merry Christmas!” echoed the two little wide-eyed girls, obviously relieved the cookie project was still a go.


We have had another hard winter and our general offering is falling behind.  Church Council has had to put a freeze on our spending and we realize that some of you are also struggling.  Our request is for those who can (are blessed) to pay it forward for those who cannot so that we can get back on track.  Thank you for your support and God Bless!


Contribution Opportunities: 

Contributions may be made to the following funds at any time and may also be used to aid people in designating monies for memorials.  Should you wish to donate to any of these funds, please place funds in an envelope and provide the name of the fund in which you would like your donation placed, your name, and your envelope number. Should you choose to remain anonymous, do not include your name and envelope number.


  • Building and Maintenance (repairs)

  • Youth Gathering 2021

  • Needy Fund

  • Campus Crusade for Christ

  • The Seminarian Fund (can be used to help Scott Brubaker with Seminary expenses

Proper Use of Envelopes:

With more and more diverse projects and ministries ongoing the money counters have asked that you use the green offering envelopes only for regular giving.  There is another white envelope you can use which can be marked for all other giving.  They are on the table in the narthex.  Using the proper envelopes will save the money counters time and also insure that the financial statements are accurate.  Thank you!


Lutheran World Relief

Social Ministry Lutheran World Relief List

Youth Group Ongoing Programs

The Youth Group continues to collect soda can tabs to benefit Ronald MacDonald House in Hershey.

They are also collecting Moo Money caps from Turkey Hill products purchased at Turkey Hill stores. 

Containers for both of these items are in the Narthex.


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