Listen to the Service at Home

The Meet Me Line is available for those needing to listen to the service from home.  No special equipment is required for usage and is at no cost to the caller as long as Mellingers is not a long distance call for you.  Instructions for use are as follows:

  1.    A few minutes before the church service starts, dial (717) 336-4191.
  2.    If the phone rings more than four times, the system at the church is not yet turned on.  Please hang up and try again in a few minutes.
  3.   If you get a busy signal, this means the system is full with other callers.
  4.   If the system answers, please listen quietly and do not hang up for at least ten minutes.  This is because if the first person listens for only a few minutes and then hangs up before others call in, the system will shut down and no one else will be able to call in for that service.
  5.  Please be aware that others who call in using this service can hear you speak.  You can talk to other people on the line but no one at Mellingers can hear you.
  6.  You may listen as long as you like.  Just hang up when you are finished.