Please call or email the office if you are interested in helping.

Thank you.

Servant Opportunities

Sharing your time and your talents are very much appreciated at Mellingers. There are many volunteer servant opportunities available throughout the church such as Worship Assistants, Property Committee, Social Ministry and Community Service, Christian Education Teachers and Choir!  

Photos Wanted

Pictures are always welcome from our members.  We want to add them her on the site and our Facebook.

It is easy to do.  Send them via email to :

Please include your name and a description to be put with it on either site.

Worship Opportunities

Currently on hold

Acolytes, Candle bearers, Communion Assistants, Crucifers, and Lay Worship Leaders. Anyone interested in participating in worship as a leader in this way should contact Pastor Tim or the Church office.  

Volunteers Wanted To Take Communion To Shut-Ins:

Currently on hold

To support Pastor Tim’s visits, Mellingers is looking for volunteers who would like to be trained to visit and take Holy Communion to our shut-ins.  The ministry will benefit those receiving Communion and will also be a blessing for those who often it. If you are interested in this meaningful ministry, please contact Pastor Tim at (717)468-9049.


Do You Enjoy Sewing?

If anyone is willing to sew school kits for Social Ministry’s LWR Ingathering, please contact Betty Cordes at (717) 335-3624. Patterns are available in the church office. Cut patterns are currently available from Betty Cordes. Please note that we keep sewing throughout the year to replenish the stock needed for the upcoming year’s school kits. 

Join the Choir!

Currently on hold

Every Thursday from 6:45-8:00 pm the choir rehearses. Choir practice is a very enjoyable, low pressure time. The choir laughs and sings their way through the night under the direction of Vickie Kissinger. Regarding attendance, while we would love for everyone to be present every Thursday and Sunday, we recognize the realities of the 21st century life and are very flexible about attendance out of respect for your busy schedule. Please consider stopping by and trying choir!

Coffee Social Bakers

Currently on hold

The 2020 Coffee Social charts are now available in the narthex. Please sign up for a date to provide after service treats.