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Social Ministry

Our Social Ministry Committee holds many events in support of both our church family and the community.
All are invited to help with their worthwhile commitments.

Spring Fling Poster.png
LWR Ingathering Collection

   As we look forward to Spring, Social Ministry would like to thank everyone for your donations to Lutheran World Relief.  Thanks to you we were able to supply School Kits, 4 Personal Care Kits, and soap. 

   It seems that each year the need for these items increases, be it due from national disasters or wars.

   Our prayer is that God will lead you to continue to help us help others. Each year supply costs increase and we do everything we can to make your dollars stretch to the max.

   Some members still like to put their own kits together.  Please do if you would like.  All we ask is that the correct items are used in your kits. 

   Our collection program was not started to stop anyone from putting their own kits together but to enable all members and friends of the congregation to be a part of a wonderful program to help those less fortunate. 

   Social ministry will start our LWR collection in April and continue the program through September now through Electronic Donation as well as envelopes. 

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