Welcome to Mellingers Evangelical Lutheran Church up on the hill in Schoeneck, Pennsylvania.  Come and help us serve the Lord and transform lives through the power of Christ and the Grace of Almighty God.  Participate in our educational programs, sing in the choir and/or join us in congregational and community outreach.

On Reformation Day Sunday October 25, at 9 A.M.

Mellingers will be re-opening our doors

for inside worship services.

Please read the following 2 posts in regards to our new guidelines for re-opening, at this time.

This following sign is posted on all the doors of the church:

Welcome to Mellingers Lutheran Church

We welcome all of God’s children





As you enter, we want you to be safe and so please ask that you:


  • Wear a mask.

  • Stay socially distant.

  • Do not come in if you are ill.

  • Use hand sanitizer.

  • Do not sing but mouth or hum responses.

  • You can listen to the service in the parking lot on the radio at 98.3 FM if you wish.

Even with all precautions we realize that there is a potential risk these days to attending live worship.  If you are uncomfortable attending our live service we encourage you to listen in the parking lot on the radio  FM 98.3 and/or attend our online service at www.mellingers.org and on Mellingers Facebook page posted or live streamed every Sunday.

Return to Worship Inside Guidelines

  1. We have a limit of 70 people who can attend worship. No pre-registration.

  2. Masks must be worn at all times inside the building.

  3. The doors will not open until 8:45 am. Use the Gockley Road door.

  4. You must be socially distant while inside. Every other pew is roped off. Please sit towards the end of the pews, leaving the middle open (except family units).

  5. Please keep all belongings with you, the coat racks are roped off.

  6. Use the hand sanitizer.

  7. Do not come to worship if you are sick.

  8. The service will be shorter than an hour, preferably 45 minutes

  9. There will be no singing of hymns or the liturgy. Hum along to the hymns and speak the liturgy

  10. For the time being Communion will be offered the first Sunday of the month and only wafers will be given. The Sacrament is valid with one element. The Bishop is discouraging having Communion at all until it can be done properly but many are receiving Holy Communion and this is how we will proceed for a while.

  11.  The FM radio broadcast will continue in the parking lot at 98.3 for those who cannot or do not want to come in at this time.

  12.  An online service will continue to be offered either live streamed or pre-recorded.

  13.  The bathrooms are available only if necessary. Stay distanced when using.

  14.  There will be no hugging or socializing before or after the service. The Peace will be spoken only, and we can wave to one another from where we are without touching or being close.

  15.  The offering will not be collected. You can place your offering in the plates provided at the back of the church. Thank-you!

  16.  A limited number of bulletins will be available but will continue to be emailed. Please print your own or view the bulletin on your phone/electronic device if possible.

  17. At the end of Service please remain in your seat.  Ushers will come back through to dismiss pews.

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Any groups who would like to have events inside the church, please contact Ashley in the office.

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